Our Programmes

BEFSA is involved in a number of programmes and activities in South African schools, all of which have a clear development focus.

Training for School Principals and Educators

BEFSA provides training for school principals in management and leadership, and policy development - both within a broad context of school improvement.

We provide training for educators on curriculum development, particularly in Mathematics, Science, Information Technology and Life Orientation. Within our Life Orientation programmes we run extensive training on raising awareness around HIV/AIDs.

Youth Development

BEFSA runs an extra-curricular programme for 14-25 year olds known as The President's Award. (TPA) This programme which is aimed at empowering and developing the young people of the Eastern Cape comprises 3 different levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Within each level each participant has to undertake community service, complete an adventurous journey, participate in a sport and pursue an interest/pastime in a sustained way over a prolonged and prescribed length of time. To date 236 learners from schools in the Fort Beaufort District had completed either their Bronze and Silver Awards.

Repairs to School Buildings

BEFSA undertakes minor building projects, such as replacement roofs and new classrooms at primary and secondary schools, which have been affected by major disasters e.g. tornadoes and fires. BEFSA also works to improve sanitation facilities in schools by providing new toilets for staff and children.

Recycling of Surplus School Furniture and Equipment

BEFSA provides South African schools with furniture, classroom equipment, computers and books which we recycle from schools and offices in the UK. BEFSA gathers all the furniture and equipment and then ships it in large 40 foot containers twice a year. To date BEFSA has shipped over 100 containers to schools in South Africa.

School Partnership Initiative

BEFSA promotes a school linking programme for schools in the UK and South Africa. By linking schools in the UK with a partner school in South Africa we provide both UK and SA pupils with the opportunity to work together and to share and to celebrate their own cultures. Within this broad framework of partnership working BEFSA's expectation is always for mutual support and common benefits.

BEFSA currently has 21 school partnerships in place between schools in the UK and South Africa. Although the majority of the UK schools are drawn from Oxfordshire there are schools participating in the partnership from all over the UK. As the focus of BEFSA's work in South Africa is in the province of the Eastern Cape all the South African schools bar one are located in this province. Visit the School Partnership page for more information.


BEFSA provides opportunities to anyone aged 30+ who is interested in undertaking voluntary work for BEFSA. The staff at BEFSA will match each volunteer's areas of interest, expertise and experience with the needs of the schools in the BEFSA partnership of schools to determine placements. BEFSA always has opportunities for volunteers to teach or provide classroom support in schools, to running after school clubs, to creating vegetable gardens and undertaking minor repairs and maintenance of school buildings. Visit our page on how you can help for more information.

Additional Projects

BEFSA does all it can to encourage the schools and the communities they serve to identify specific projects they need to become self-sufficient. In addition to the aforementioned programmes, we offer mini-projects which include feeding programmes for needy schools and a micro-business start-up programme facilitated by micro loans. At its peak BEFSA had over 500 women involved in this project.